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Write On Cards erased

If you’re like me you don’t use just any whistle, or just any set of flags. You choose your whistle, your flags, your uniform to project a certain image to the players, coaches, and fans. Your cards also project your image.

That’s why I created Custom Cards. In 1997, I finally found a special matte finish laminate that you can write on with anything — pen, pencil, permanent marker, wet or dry.

I experimented with several designs until I developed an easy to use format that captures all of the information you need.

I also discovered referees like something to remember that special tournament or assignment. Some are just proud to display a card with their Association logo.

Many of the other products that I offer have grown out of a need expressed by my fellow referees in the Southern Illinois Soccer Officials Association…

“Can you design something to keep track of subs in our college games?”SUBSTITUTION CARD

“Do you have a 2-minute card?” • 2-MINUTE CARD

“What about penalty kicks for overtime?”PENALTY KICKS CARD

A friend of mine who is a national referee asked if I could make a set of miniature cards for a friend of his, a FIFA referee, whose wife just had a baby. That miniature card design turned into my bag tags.PETITE SCORECARDS

Write On Cards are serious scorecards for the serious referee